Renaissance Wealth Advisors, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior on-going advice and diversified investment solutions to you at every stage of your financial journey.


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Our Story

Renaissance Wealth Advisors Pty Limited AFSL 308297 (“Renaissance”) is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm. Our company is building a legacy of trust, which started from: 

2003 – Hau Nguyen and Ivan Lim left Ord Minnett and formed a financial planning firm and licenced and traded under Garrisons Financial Planning, a subsidiary of Challenger Financial Services Group.

2005 – Garrisons Financial Planning was taken over by Genesys Wealth, a subsidiary of AXA Financial Planning (now AMP Financial Planning). As the firm licenced and traded under AXA Financial Planning, Greg Shapkaitz joined the firm as a partner for two years before leaving the firm to join AMP as the National Sales Manager for AMP Superannuation Products and Services division. 

2007 – The firm exited AXA Financial Planning and obtained the Australian Financial Services Licence (ASFL No.308297) and named the company Renaissance Wealth Advisors Pty Limited. 

2009 – Having navigating our clients successfully thought the 2008 GFC, Renaissance purchased their office at Level 8, 84 Pitt Street, Sydney which they are still here today.

2012 – Renaissance started their SMSF administration in a partnership with Reset Group Chartered Accountants and offering this to our clients. 

2014 – Renaissance took over full operational control of SMSF administration which re branded to CubeSuper.

2018 – To be continue

Our passion is to assist clients in achieving their financial goals and objectives through tailored financial advice and offerings. Working alongside leading financial institutions, we are able to provide access to diverse investments and asset classes strategies.


Our Philosophy

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”
                            –    Charles Darwin

Renaissance is focused on providing strategies to our clients that are most adaptive to the ever-changing business and technological environments in which they operate in. We seek to provide quality and value-added services for a reasonable fee.

Like many industry leaders, Renaissance is constantly on the look out to utilise our competitive advantage in providing services that earns a sustainable income and capital growth for clients over the longer term.


Our Services

At Renaissance, we can work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive financial strategy, assisting you to maintain, protect and grow your wealth.

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Since the establishment of the firm in early 2003, we have assisted many Australian families and businesses with managing their investments, superannuation and insurance for financial advice as well as business restructure, loans and cash flow management.

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